Why should I use natural skincare?


· We already know how the environment is polluted and the damage in the water, wild life, ocean fish, global warming etc (80% of the fish have male and female organs… thanks to the plastic usage which messing up the hormones and interact with oestrogen…….) Did you know that all breast cancer are as a result of being oestrogen dominant? The body is unable to breakdown the synthetic oestrogen and it is accumulated in the body and stored in the fat around our internal organs in order to prevent it from going into the blood stream. If you have fat around your belly think twice before you continue subjecting your skin to further chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

· Skin care manufacturers are NOT required to check the raw ingredients or the final batch and most of them don’t check for any chemical contamination or chemical combinations.

· There is very little regulations as to the concentration of each chemical in skin care and there is no checks on how the mix of chemicals together is going to interact with the body. If a chemical is toxic it might be double and triple toxic if it is mixed with another chemical – the two will have a chemical reaction that no one is actually checking this. Just like medication - no drug company has ever done a real study of how one medication interact with another. Many people over 50s are on 4-5 tablets a day and at no point the combination of these were checked for safety.

· Studies have shown that by the time we leave the house in the morning – after doing a couple of cleaning chores, shower, wash our hair, brush our teeth, putting our make up on etc we are already exposed to more than 5000 different chemicals which are not being regulated.

The human body has NEVER been exposed to so many chemicals and toxins in the history of man kind – and we don’t know how it effects the body and its own bio chemistry. It might be decades before we will know the true scale of the damage. Just like smoking - it was advertise as safe and the "cool" thing to do for decades and only now we know the true damage to the body by smoking.




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