Think Dirty® app is the easiest way to learn ingredients in your beauty, personal care and household products. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, its ingredients, and shop cleaner options!

This is a Canadian App but it has lots of UK brands by now and more and more brands are trying to list their products with this App. Obviously to list a product it should be as clean as possible as otherwise no brand will want to be seen “dirty” – if you don’t see your current brand listed it is because it hasn’t wished to be listed and score high mark for toxicity.

You don’t need to scan the product you can also scroll and find lots of information on the App. On the top line you will have a list of categories such as:

Mascara, Lip Color, Cleanser, Fragrances, Hair Care, Household Products, Sun Care, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Laundry, Nail, Oral Hygiene etc

There is a search box on the top where you can type your brand and see if it is listed.

Each product will be marked 1-10 in toxicity and when you click on the list of ingredients each ingredient will be scored in toxicity level – it will be coloured in green if it is clean – coloured in yellow if it is 50% clean – and coloured in red if it is considered as toxic. Even if there are 30 clean ingredients and only one toxic the score of toxicity will be high so that’s why most brands are not queuing up to list their products with the app.

Many of us are using the Simple brand thinking it is simple but every product of Simple includes a long list of ingredients which you cannot pronounce and they may be simple but they are necessarily clean. Even a company like Elemis which is considered "clean" is not clean at all when you see the score of the products so best to educate yourself and learn how you can use this App to protect your skin and your health.

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