Real Life Changing Stories

Do you suffer with knee pain?

Have you had a knee injury?

Have you been diagnosed with Arthritis or Osteoarthritis ?

Have you been inactive for a long time?

Have you been told you have bone on bone? 

Are you missing out on the things you love doing? walks, exercises, dancing, gardening etc ?

Do you feel that your body betrayed you? 

Does it wake you up at night? 

Would you like to be more mobile?. If so, are you prepared to work with me and put in the effort to relieve your pain?.


I would like to listen to the conversations below and see if you can feel inspired and motivated?

Many of us want results but we are not willing to put the effort in - we are not willing to give our body the priority it needs and we are just "happy" to learn to live with pain and discomfort and accept it. 

If you are one of these people then you are clearly not ready to take charge of your own health and you better continue doing what is working for you. 

I only work with people who really wish to make  a difference and see it as priority. Nothing and no one is more important. 

*** If you are inspired by these ladies who achieved a lot in a late stage of their lives then get in touch and lets see how can we improve your life as well.