The injury cycle

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

any of us suffer with “bad back”, “bad Knees”, “bad shoulders” and have very restricted movement. By working with me privately I aim to correct or at least improve your movement impairment patterns by unravelling each segment of your structure and identifying what needs to be improved in order to enable you to have correct dynamic alignment.

Below is an example of a VERY common movement impairment and compensation pattern which will affects every joint in the spine in the long run.

Our body is comprised of many muscles and joints and they all work together in synergy. When one component is out of alignment, it creates predictable patterns of tissue overload and dysfunction, which leads to decreased neuromuscular control and microtrauma. This will activate the Cumulative Injury Cycle that will results in inflammation, arthritis and decreased mobility.

While we are on the move our body must maintain its centre of gravity aligned over the base of support that keeps changing. That is a called dynamic movement. A change, restriction or injury to one joint will cause for the whole structure to be misaligned.

As we get older we are going through physiological changes that can lead to decreased muscle extensibility and increased muscle imbalance and loss of overall function.  On top, our joints become stiffer and we lose elasticity of our connective tissues (tendons and ligaments). These changes overload certain tissues and reduce our  proprioceptive input to the central nervous system which results in poor movement integration and postural distortion.

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