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Simple changes to your diet along with certain supplements can make a big difference to your health and improve the quality of life. If you have any niggling concern that hasnt been resolved/cured using medications you might want to consider a new approach.

I have helped many (who were willing to listen and follow) to tackle various health concerns using nutrition and the correct supplements. Some of you had digestive issues (bloating, acid reflux, malabsorption, IBS, Colitis etc), others dealing with skin issues, migraines, loss of memory, inability to focus, repeated UTIs, fatique, sciatica, shoulder pain and other back and hip issues and many many more..


If you suffer from any symptoms, conditions or illness and you really want to improve your health then you are welcome to arrange an online private session with me.  This session will only suit anyone who wishes to improve their health and willing to make an effort towards it. You will be amazed to realise how much food that you love harms you. Once you know it harms you, you will not want to eat this food again ..... unlike other practitioners that send you to do very expensive tests (privately) that cost hundreds of pounds I use my in depth knowledge of analysing your symptoms and your diet and put a plan in place for you to follow. As you progress with the programme you can improve your health further but my goal is to reduce inflammation (without medications) and to stop the pain and discomfort for you. 

If you are happy to take medications without asking questions and accept your symptoms and conditions as a natural progression of life then there is no point in us working together. I love working with people who are ready to make changes and take responsibility and control for their own health issues. 



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Speedy recovery from covid

"I have caught Covid immediately after taking a flu jab and the reaction of the vaccine with the Covid virus was nasty. Naama has recommended  I would order a couple of supplements online and get them delivered asap. By the time these arrived I have lost my sense of taste and smell and was really unwell. I started to take the supplements as Naama suggested and within 5 days I was 80% better and within a week I was planning my twin's specials 21st birthday in lockdown, decorated the house, baked a cake and made it a special day for them. I am working in the NHS and it is sadden me to see how many people could have easily got better should they were told about these powerful anti viral supplements.  Usually it takes 3 weeks to get over Covid and then 8-12 weeks of extreme fatique and exhaustion- so minimum 3 months to go back to normal without ill effect. I was up and running within a week. 


30 years of Crohn's disease

"I have suffered with crohn's disease for nearly 30 years and in the last few years it got a lot worse to the point that I have to visit the loo 5 times in one hour.... this is a major disruption to my life whether at work or social life. It is embarrassing.

I met Naama for my back pain and in our assessment session she was much less interested in my back and more about my diet and any other health issues so the crohn's disease was mentioned. 

Naama suggested to me some diet changes and certain supplements and said that will help my crohn's disease and as a result will reduce systemic inflammation and my back pain will be reduced and only then we can start exercise gently. I was amazed how within a week I have felt so much better with my tummy and I even went with my family and grand children to a day out and didnt need the loo so often which gave me some freedom. I am now continuing with these diet guidelines and even my mood has improved and a lot more. It was amazing to realise how food I loved dearly harmed me so much and no doctor ever thought to check it out or suggest changes.  Naama's knowledge is vast and I strongly recommend you give her a chance to help you. "

Maoz P.

Years of IBS with no improvement


"As a long-term sufferer of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, finding good advice on how to combat my symptoms (bloating, indigestion, flatulence etc.) is difficult to come by. After years of trial and error with numerous home remedies and the little advice I could get from “professionals”, I made little to no progress, especially with the bloating. At this point I thought that there was no way to improve my digestive health. I was then introduced to Naama – and thanks to her within weeks I noticed a vast improvement physically and mentally.

Visibly I am less bloated, and I feel so much lighter. As a bonus to following Naama’s advice I have more energy throughout the day, no longer feeling as sluggish as I used to. This change has also had a positive effect on my general mood. This change has also been noted by friends and family   

After one or two days of me explaining to Naama my, relatively healthy, diet she quickly identified what the potential issues were and showed me what I needed to do to improve. In this time, she sent me a brief diet plan (with some recipes) as well as the supplements I needed. Speaking to Naama has increased my dietary knowledge tenfold. With her it is not just about telling you what to do and sending you on your way, she carefully explains how and why its beneficial in an easy and understandable way.

I cannot thank Naama enough for her help. I would recommend anyone that is having digestive issues to seek her advice, the benefits are invaluable".

Kammal R

From mobility scooter to full mobility and Pilates on a mat....

"I cannot believe that it is now over two years since I was forced to use a mobility scooter, to cover any distance. I had been diagnosed with a loss of cartilage in both knee joints, resulting in bone on bone connection. It was so painful and I found that my whole life changed. I just could not “do” the shops anymore and was becoming more reliant on others.

I underwent surgery on my right knee at St. Guy’s hospital, and after 6 months, of painful exercise and restricted mobility, found that I could actually walk without a stick. The operation had been successful and, although my new knee felt a bit strange and was not quite able to flex fully, I was now able to get around, as long as I did not overdo it. My consultant advised me to wait about six months and then have the left knee joint replaced as well. The problem was that my left leg now was hurting me considerably more.

This was a dilemma for me. Did I want to go through all of that again? Was it worth the risk of possible infection? I am not getting any younger, should I have it done now while I am healthy and active, or wait. All operations carry a risk after all and not all are successful. I had thought a lot about having the first one done and nearly cancelled at last minute.

I decided to put it off for as long as I could and in attempt to get fit. I joined a Pilates class with Naama as the tutor. From that moment on, my life changed. Naama does remedial pilates and has the amazing ability to, not only remember people’s names, but also their individual needs. I booked a one to one session with her, when she discussed my knee problems in detail. She was holistic in her approach and from that moment on, has supported me with dietary advice, including essential vitamins. I have found her classes to be fun and informative, but most important for me, I have been building the muscles around both my knees and have become so much more agile. Naama has concentrated on balance as well as stretch exercises. I can now fully bend both knees, walk a fair distance without pain or limping, dance (within reason) kneel and even climb the loft ladder. I do need to continue exercises on a regular basis or I can feel pain, but I find that I enjoy my pilates sessions so much that I would not want to give them up. I could not praise Naama enough for the help and encouragement that she has given to me" 


Miriam T

More than 40 years of Diabetes Type 1

I have been a Type 1 diabetic for over 40 years and to be honest I didn’t really pay much attention to it until I reached my forties and decided I really should look after myself a bit better if I wanted to avoid all the nasty complications that threatened if I didn’t.


I met Naama through another Personal Trainer . This was about 6 or 7 years ago and I would love to share the things that Naama has showed me that have really made a difference to my health and wellbeing.


A few years ago, I caught a virus that caused me to go deaf over- night and severely affected my balance. Over time most of my hearing came back but my balance and dizziness continued to cause me problems. Naama patiently helped me through her Pilates sessions . I got more flexible and got stronger. Naama suggested a certain supplement to add to my diet and almost immediately I was more bendy, my hair and nails were stronger and I felt more able to do more in her classes.


About 18 months ago I was lucky enough to start using a Libre diabetic sensor which you attach to your arm and monitors your blood sugar 24/7. This was lifechanging, allowing me to see exactly the effect different foods had and prompted me to become more interested in reducing my insulin requirements as I wanted to reduce the nasty side effects that prolong use of insulin bring to the body. 

 We moved to Devon a year ago and all was going well but I couldn’t find a pilates class that I liked and then Covid happened. I did get Covid and was very ill and couldnt move really. Naama suggested a few supplements to help me to recover quickly and also told me that I should be on anti viral diet..... 


Before Covid struck I had eaten very little meat, lots of carbs (as I had been advised by the NHS when I first was diagnosed, carbs with every meal and snacks between!) and my treats always involved butter and cream.


Now here comes the amazing thing - I decided that I have nothing to lose and I will be giving Naama's diet suggestions a go and wowwwww  I felt so much better – less aches and pains, more energy much better glucose control and I lost the extra weight and my insulin intake has been reduced. . My lower back ache which had been a problem for years was a lot less which meant I could move around much more comfortably.


I am not going to lie but the changes Naama wanted me  to do were a bit challenging but I was committed to give it 3 weeks of trial and if it doesnt change I will go back to my eating habits but I must say it is a life changing choices now - I eat much more vegetables and fruits and I dont eat so much carbs and I take the supplements religiously. 

I have discovered fruit teas particularly licquorice which apparently is also an anti- inflammatory and has cut out the milk from 8-10 cups of tea a day that I was drinking before!


I hope you find this useful, Diabetes Type 1 is a lot to take on at any age, it never leaves you but it can be managed and then becomes less of an issue. My diabetes consultant is very impressed with my insulin intake and how my blood glucose is so well managed which it wasnt before and I found myself few times in near death scenarios. I dont have the spikes and drops anymore it is so much more stable and I dont need as much insulin so my balance is a lot better now - I start to feel my feet again - I used to fall all the time but I havent had a fall in months. I joined Naama's PIlates on zoom twice a week and I am so happy to be mobile, pain free, stable and stronger than ever. I will not rush to eat the "forbidden food" which I ate for years not realising how harmful it is for my health. I strongly suggest that you try to make diet changes and improve your health with food and supplements when needed. 


Annie Harcombe

6th November 2020

Sciatic Pain

"I have attended Naama's fabulous Pilates classes for the past four years.  Knowing how knowledgeable and passionate she is about natural health and the body, I asked if she had any suggestions regarding the pain I was experiencing down the back of my leg. She thought it was probably sciatica and advised some simple dietary changes, and certain supplements.


Four weeks later, I am delighted that the pain has almost gone. I no longer feel the need to approach a chiropractor/osteopath as I was going to before speaking to Naama.


As a bonus, the dietary changes have relieved some stomach discomfort I had been experiencing, and I do feel better generally.


Naama is a wonderful fount of knowledge of health in general, and of what we can do ourselves to help our bodies function properly."

Coryn F.

Severe Digestive Issues

"I am one of the lucky people where Naama came into my life when my stomach issues were unbearable. I would say I had chronic gastrointestinal symptoms  (bloating, reflux,  flatulence, constipation, SIBO, cramps, pain, yeast infection, fatigue, gluten and dairy intolerance, heartburn, rashes on my body, IBS and indigestion) and Naama has helped my stomach get much stronger and I don't have anywhere near the issues I previously had - all thanks to her. Nutritionalists had tried and not been able to solve my problems.


She cares and has become so knowledgable about health I believe she's in the wrong profession. If I had carried on seeing 'professionals' I would be out of pocket by many thousands of pounds. I had already spent well over two thousand on tests, pills and consultations and I was still no better.  I was frustrated going from one expert to another. It wasn't until after Pilates that Naama chatted to me about what I could do to help myself.

 She sent me videos to watch (and retain the knowledge) and suggested the pills etc I should be taking.

I would say now that I am nearly healed and it is unquestionably all down to Naama's wisdom. She has an insatiable appetite for learning everything about alternative ways to keep ourselves healthy and passes all of her knowledge onto anyone who is open to these solutions and wants a healthier happier life. 

I will be eternally grateful to her and all the time and effort she's put into my welfare".

Mary R. 

Sciatic and Chronic Back Pain

"I don't know how I should thank Naama. I had a Disc compression L5 L6 with Sciatica. I have been suffering, from 2014. I used to take medications and do some exercises.  I had even tried a chiropractor but it didn't reduce the pain. The pain had become part of me. I started to attend Belly dance classes with Naama and told her about my back problem. She suggested a simple dietary changes in the foods and supplements and I followed her advice. It has been almost a month, I have not had any Scatic pain-  nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. I feel much better in general. .Trust me, she literally has changed my life. Very simple and effective change that made a big improvement to my life.

 I honestly thank Naama for being really caring person. I was very inspired, when I first met her in her belly dance class. The dedication, discipline, energy, vibes and motivation, she creates is just amazing. Even though I live far away from Orpington I try my best to join the class as I love it so much.  Thank you very much Naama, for really helping me. Nothing had helped me before. But, now I really feel light, my body too and absolutely no pain no pain not even a small discomfort . Thank you so so much".

Annu S

Back, hip Pain and Terrible Stomach Pain

I joined Naama's pilates online classes during lockdown. She came highly recommended by a parent at my daughter's school. When I contacted Naama she offered to speak to me on a video call, in order to get to know me better and ensure she was aware of any condition I may have, before joining the live sessions. She was very friendly and put me at ease very quickly.

Having suffered from sciatica and back pain for the past 5 years, I am amazed by the fact that those issues are now in the past. Naama has taught me techniques to improve my posture and be more aware of my muscles and how to best support my back. Naama is not just a Pilates instructor. She genuinely cares about people's wellbeing. At the end of one online Pilates class during which Naama had noticed I was struggling to keep up, she asked me not to hang up and we ended up having a long conversation about my health in general.  I was at the time experiencing digestive issues which had really affected my ability to work and enjoy a meal. This pain was involved in severe stomach cramps that took my breath away and I never knew when it is going to attack which caused me to be really anxious and depressed. Naama provided me with some sound advice about nutrition, and changes she recommended I try. Two weeks later, having taken on board Naama's advice, my symptoms had completely disappeared. I wake-up every day energised, and most importantly no longer experiencing stomach pains. I am indeed very thankful to Naama for helping me through these tough times.

Corinne O

Digestive Issues and Chronic Joints Pain

I have been taking classes with Naama for a year now and it has changed my life. I used to suffer from heartburn and acid reflux, which meant I had difficulty performing exercises which involved lying down or bending over. Naama advised me to change my diet slightly; now I no longer dread these exercises. An added bonus is that I no longer wake up at 2 am (which I did regularly) with acid reflux.I have thrown my pills away, I don't need them any more.


Another benefit I have noticed is less pain in my knees. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, but my knees seem to have grown stronger and I can do a lot more before they become painful. Finally, a chronically aching shoulder is improving and becoming more flexible. 


I have recommended Naama's classes to others, but ultimately you have to be prepared to work on yourself.

                                                                       Margaret M. 

Digestive Issues

Having suffered with discomfort in my digestive system that nothing seemed to be able to get rid of, from doctors with their procedures and medicines to the vast array of products available in the pharmacies, I was naturally interested to hear, during one of Naama's belly dance classes, that she had helped someone with similar problems.  I had a consultation with Naama, who suggested some changes to my diet and lifestyle.  I started with the easy ones and felt a lot better almost immediately. Now that I have seen how much my diet affects my health, I will continue with her recommendations. Even though it was just a small pain, it affected my enjoyment of life, so thank you Naama for helping me get it under control.

Clair O