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A live Class on Zoom is NOT like following a youtube video on your own........ 

I see you and correct you so you can achieve maximum benefit - below are a few examples of corrections during class so you can see the  level of details I see and correct. 

Live Classes on Zoom? 

Since the first lockdown I have appx 100 people each week exercising with me few times a week. 

I have a good set up and my classes are very successful so not only I havent lost clients due to covid but I gained new ones and we all enjoy our life on zoom and we intend to continue with it. While most people hated every second on zoom we love it.  

I have a big t.v screen and I see everyone really well and able to correct alignment and technique throughout the class.

Those who know me well will tell you that I dont miss a trick... I see it all..... As each class is recorded I often create a short individual  videos for members to see their performance and progression and I go over areas which need to improve.  I will then give them bespoke exercises and stretches to suit their needs. 

I asked my members why do they think it is working so well for us and they said:

  • "We feel we are part of a group class"

  • " We can see you clearly on our telly" 

  • " We can hear you better than in a big hall" 

  • "We feel safe at home"

  • "We dont miss travelling in rush hour to the hall"

  • "Come winter times and we will bless zoom even more"

  • "We save time on travel and preparation so we feel we have more time to do things around the house or the garden and its less of a rush"

  • "We have all the equipment at home and we know no one touhed it"

  • "We enjoy the variety of props in classes which we couldnt have in a gym or a hall as it would have meant we had to bring our own big balls, rings, bands etc "

  • "We feel you give us more personal attention on zoom as you are not walking in the hall and you can see us clearly to correct us"

  • "We have benefited a lot more from the classes online - if we missed a class we get the recording for it or can join another class in the week. Much more flexibility so no need to commit to a certain day in the week. "

***You are welcome to join a class and meet my members - we are indeed like a family and a very welcoming one. 

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