Satisfied Clients

“Much to my surprise Pilates has become part of my everyday life. I started 2 years ago having been dragged along to a taster session by my wife and I was very sceptical about the benefits. There is no doubt it has strengthened my body and I don’t get the back pain I used to get from poor posture and weak core strength.  For me, as a former county sports coach, it works because the exercise is focused on specific muscles with correct technique and not simply swinging the limbs around. I would strongly recommend to start Pilates and improve your quality of life. I am now able to do a lot more than I did before and I feel great with it. ”

Michael Burgess

“I cannot praise Naama’s classes high enough.  I could say that health problems that doctors have failed to treat have gone away since I joined the class 3 years ago. My husband’s sciatica went away after attending for only a few months. It is an excellent class and my body has been transformed by it.  I have Osteoarthritis which was very painful but I am now mostly pain free and stronger than ever. The class includes a warm up, stretches, working with weights to build muscle and exercises which help balance and co-ordination. Naama makes this class fun as well as physically challenging. I would highly recommend to join a bespoke class like that.  I am 74 and considerably more mobile and healthy than many people of my age and I feel stronger and healthier than I was before I joined the class.”

Stella Day

“I have been doing Pilates with Naama for 4 years after doing it on and off for a number of years with different instructors.   Naama’s class is by far the best I have attended due her attention to the needs of every person and ensuring all exercises are correctly done.   Pilates is, in my view, especially important for the older male, like me, in keeping flexibility and mobility as we age. We also teach the body correct and safe movement and I had the chance to benefit from it while a car heat me and I was thrown in the air.  in those few seconds of falling I kept my head up as we do in class and that saved my head from being smashed to pieces – and I would like to add I didnt break a bone. Just bruises and sore bum. This is when I knew that Pilates made me so much stronger and really support my frame even in challenging moments……”

William Pratt

“I began Pilates with Naama 2 years ago. My aim was to get fitter and stronger. I never liked the gym and I found group classes intimidating but I felt very comfortable with Naama and the lovely group and I also felt safe. My posture has improved immensely and people who haven’t seen me for a while notice the difference. I always felt stiff and stressed throughout my body.  This is no longer the case. I feel so much stronger and fitter and everything is easier to do.  I remember to hold my core in during my daily tasks and I do some stretches at home. I no longer suffer with bad back, neck pain and shoulder pain and I am able to do so much more. I also suffered with Asthma, however the Pilates breathing has improved my breathing so much that I hardly use an inhaler anymore. I don’t even get out of breath when I run up the stairs. Naama is a brilliant teacher and I thoroughly recommend her classes – give them a try as it will be, like me, the best decision you ever made!”

Linda Sears