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Reclaim Your Health

I am Naama, a Nutritional Advisor and a Pilates and bellydance teacher. I am also a qualified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Senior (over 50s) Fitness Specialist and Exercise Referral Specialist.

I work with many people facing different health conditions. Each week I help move and feel better by offering advice on the best diet and which supplements will help them to put their chronic conditions into remission and reclaim and manage their own health.  With me you can discover that making change to your diet and lifestyles you will be able to transform your life and health for the better – no matter what age you are now.

Many of us suffer with joint problems and have been diagnosed with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis as well as other inflammatory conditions such as colitis, diverticulitis, gastritis allergies, asthma, COPD and more. Yet, the medical world doesn’t have a magic pill for these chronic conditions and can only offer medications to manage the symptoms. For some people they may develop other medical conditions due to the side effects of the medication. So it is a vicious circle.

Any chronic condition means that we have systemic inflammation, a build-up of micro inflammatory processes. It will have taken years for your body to get to this point but even more years for you to start to feel the negative effect on your daily life. But we can work together to help to reduce the effect of this built up inflammation and restore your body.

We can achieve a long-lasting improvement for you. In the same way that the systemic inflammation has taken time to build in your body, it will take us time to reduce the high levels of inflammation that your body is currently fighting. I can help you learn how to reduce your inflammation so that your body can start the healing process. You will reduce your aches and pains, improve your digestive system and boost your body’s natural immunity.

If we understand that inflammation is a process then we must accept that reducing this systemic inflammation is a process and there is no quick fix and there is no magic pill. This is the only way to achieve a long lasting improvement.

More and more people are talking about gut health – understandably so. Your health starts in your gut and what you eat leads to health or disease. By making informed choices you can make a real difference to your life and your body.

I can hear you saying, “There is nothing wrong with my diet”, “My diet is quite healthy”, “I don’t have any digestive discomfort so my diet is good” or “it runs in my family must be in the genes”. Sound familiar?

I have become increasingly fascinated with the power of food and nutrition over the past six years. I’ve absorbed myself in exploring many different aspects through lectures, articles, research studies and more. It wasn’t long before I turned this passion into training as a fully qualified Nutrition Adviser.

Quinoa Salad

I have become increasingly fascinated with the power of food and nutrition over the past six years. I’ve absorbed myself in exploring many different aspects through lectures, articles, research studies and more. I decided to take my passion into official studies and I now have a Diploma as a Nutritional Advisor. 

My Pilates and exercise clients have been pushing me to gain official qualifications so I can spread my knowledge further and help more people to:

Eat Better – Feel Better and Move Better.

Reducing inflammation is key for a healthy body. All diseases start with chronic inflammation, that we are not even aware off. This progresses to symptoms that we just learn to live with and accept as a natural process of getting older. We only act when the symptoms get so bad, we can no longer carry out daily tasks and stop enjoying life. It is then that we consult with our GP and are offered medical investigations and medications such as pain killers and steroids. Initially these may alleviate your pain, but they don’t stop the inflammatory process from progressing further.


We treat our cars with more respect than our body - we know when the warning light comes on to contact the garage for an investigation of the root cause. The allopathic medical method of today just treats the symptoms which means you will put a plaster on the warning light and cover it and continue to use your car as usual… We all know that  If we ignore it, it will get worse and even result in the car becoming impossible to fix and repair ending up in the breaker’s yard. Our body gives us the warning lights, but we tend to ignore them without a second thought.

Benefits of Reducing Inflammation with the right diet

Reducing your aches and pain and discomfort

Weight loss when necessary 

Having more energy and vitality 

Improving your mood and feeling more motivated

Balancing your blood sugar

Reducing Cholesterol 

Improving your digestion 

Boosting your immune system 

Feeling a lot better and happier and have more confidence to do what you love doing and even explore new activities. 

Knowledge is Power!!!
You will be in control of your health and able to make informed choices when it comes to food and exercise.

Frailty is dangerous! As we age, one unexpected fall maybe the one where we discover it is much harder to bounce back in the same way we could when we were younger. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Senior clients who have been on a similar journey with me have managed to get fitter and stronger than ever before. Those who live by themselves feel more confident and know they can continue to live independently for as long as possible.


Are you ready to reclaim your health? 

Meet Jean - 80 Years old suffers from Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, COPD, severe degenerative process in her spine, multiple accidents. She nearly ended up in a wheelchair and instead she transformed her life in 4 months and  has gone from strength to strength. Very insipring woman. 

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To read the full story of Jean click here

"Reclaim Your Health Solo" - £400

What is included in the program? 

Reclaim Your Health Solo 

Working Out with a Physio Ball
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Face to face assessment

Face to face assessment with me to assess your posture, muscles imbalance, joint mobility, flexibility and stability. Each week I will provide you will new corrective exercises for your individual need.


Weekly follow up session on zoom or in person

We will go over your diet changes and progress, your corrective exercises and the next step for your healing. You will have a recording of the exercises with full explanations so you can follow them at home with correct technique and full understanding. 

Reclaim Your Health Solo six-week course is £400. Your place will be secured after your payment. 

Read below few testimonies of people who transformed their life even at a late stage in life.

Rheumatoid Arthritis doesnt have to be a life sentence of pain and medications to manage the problem

“Marina – age 65 “I have been doing Pilates with Naama for two years and she always takes the time to get to know you. I’d mentioned I’d had Rheumatoid Arthritis for years. She has given me a recommendation to change my diet. I thought at first – how will I live without my favourite food? I ate it all my life – but something in her explanation and determination convinced me to give it a go – and I am not going to say it was easy, but I did go “cold turkey” and I felt better and better each week. As I got stronger with the Pilates she also invited me to try her Bellydancing classes and I never looked back. By now my annual check-up with my GP showed reduced inflammatory markers and my blood tests were a lot better including blood sugar and Cholesterol. My doctor agreed to take me off my medication gradually. I am now off all my medications, fitter than I have ever been before and keeping active and motivated to continue with my lifestyle changes. I would have never thought that the food I loved was causing me so much harm.”

No more diabetes  - No more high blood pressure - No more high Cholesterol - Improved Sleep  Increased energy

“Mary – age 78 “I have been doing Pilates with Naama for three years. I started after recovering from my knee replacement operation knowing I will need to have the second knee done in a few months’ time. Naama is very professional with her corrective exercises and attention to details. Within a few months I realised that I didn’t need my second knee to be operated on. After nearly two years of Pilates and getting stronger than ever before I decided to start taking my diet seriously – Naama has given me diet guidelines and supplements and I started to feel better and better – my blood sugar stabilised, and my diabetes is now in remission. My cholesterol and blood pressure have also improved. I don’t have cravings for sweet things anymore, I have more energy than ever before and I even sleep better. Lots of things I didn’t think about have actually improved as well as my strength and my mobility. I can walk miles without pain and I feel great. I never thought that the food I ate was keeping me diabetic and causing other issues to rise like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver and more. I would strongly recommend to be open minded and follow the guidelines no matter how hard they seem at the time”

No more Rheumatoid Arthritis -No more Osteoarthritis - No more constant pain all over -Improved bone density  - Improved sleep and mood

Jean – Age 79 - "I have had everything possible wrong with my body, I was heading into sitting in a wheelchair unable to walk at all, severe knee, hip, back and neck pain. Over the years I’d been diagnosed with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. During the first lockdown I contacted Naama, and we started to work over zoom. It was very gentle to start with and I kept doing my homework religiously every day for 30 minutes, I noticed how I got stronger from one week to the next. By week 12 I was walking upright with no aid. Today, a year later, I’m stronger and more able than ever. Recently I had a big flare of my osteoarthritis immediately after my Covid-19 booster – my knee swelled up and I couldn’t move again. My body crumbled and hunched forward, I was very upset about it as I felt that I was back to square one. Naama told me that it is an inflammatory state, and we needed to tackle it with diet. At first, I was sceptical, as I worked in the NHS for fifty years and the connection between diet and inflammation was never mentioned. I was so desperate I decided to go ahead with it. Naama gave me some material to read and educate myself which I found most interesting. She gave me precise instructions on what not to eat and how to combine my food. Within a week there was 70% improvement and by the second week I was back to normal. No pain at all, no swelling, I could walk and go back to exercise, and I noticed that my gut was better, and my digestion was better. I had more energy, and I found my waistline – all sorts of things have improved which I didn’t even think they could improve like my COPD.  I now know how my diet, which I thought was a healthy diet, was inflaming my system. It’s so important to know and have open mind to try and help yourself. I feel empowered now. “

No more mega allergies - No more fear to eat in case of another flare up - No more avoiding skincare and make up - I feel like a woman again -
No more anxiety and depression

Anita - Age 63 “I suffered all my life with all sorts of allergies. They got worse and worse as I got older, developed hay fever, pollen allergy and then asthma. I was reacting to anything including medications and constantly had skin flare ups, rashes, itching, redness and more. Naama helped me with moving to natural clean skin care and make-up. I start feeling like a woman again discovering new skin care routines and even eye make up from Tropic Skincare – I had no reactions. Naama kept saying that I need to sort out the diet as all these allergies and sensitivities are all warning signs from a body that screams for help. I’d got to know Naama after doing Pilates with her for five years and after talking to her realised I needed to take notice of my diet too when I had a major flare up on my face. I soon found out that I have been eating food that caused my body to be in constant state of inflammation and stress and it became very reactive, like being on edge. I started to follow the guidelines Naama gave me which I initially found hard to follow, I had to really make an effort to adapt, but I am so pleased I did fight it and didn’t give up. Today I feel so much better, my skin has cleared up, my eyes are not on fire anymore, my blood tests look better all around, I am more active and my mood has improved as well. These changes are not a quick fix but once you change and see the result then you will not go back to eating food you know harms you. She’s taught me lifestyle changes for long lasting effect".

Are you ready to reclaim your health? 

If you reached until the end of this page and still not sure you can book 30 minutes discovery session with me on zoom cost £30 using this link