Bellydance With Naama

On top of teaching Pilates I also teach Bellydancing.
Pilates helps me to gain the strength, balance, core muscles, back muscles, glutes etc required for bellydancing. 

Bellydancing requires good control on our muscles and the ability to isolate them for example using right glute, left lower oblique etc - in order to create a move we need to identify the required muscles, develop these muscles, learn to switch them on and off at various speeds and in different order..... 
It might sound scary but it is a journey filled with strength and grace all mixed together just like us women.... 

These 2 videos are taken from live performances on zoon .        I chose them to demonstrate why I do Pilates and why I teach Pilates.... my advance students all do Pilates with me so they can improve and progress with their dancing. The Pilates technique is going hand in hand with bellydancing technique. 

If you are interested to try bellydancing Join me for FREE on Monday at 5.30 pm to my Bellyboogie session which is designed for mix levels and I keep it light hearted and great fun. 
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