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Looking to improve your general health? 
Looking to improve your mobility?
Looking to improve your bone density?
Looking to improve your balance?
Looking to improve your strength?



Knowledge is Power

Whether you’re looking to practice on your own, or are interested in learning with others, feel free to explore all the lessons that I offer below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Regular Weekly Classes

Each class starts with a gentle warm up. Then we have a short cardio drill to get the heart and the brain in gear. We then use hand weights for a few minutes and later on we start our mat section and we end with stretches and relaxation.


Rewarding Results

If you would like to arrange a "duet" session with your partner or a friend this is possible either at your house or mine during day time or Monday or Friday evenings.


Exceptional Progress

Many people feel uncomfortable to join a class whether it is because they are shy or because they have restrictions and limitations that will slow them down. If you want to join a class but you are unsure of your ability and suitability then arrange a private session with me to assess your situation. It could be that you may need 3-4 private sessions and then you can join a class. Its worth trying. That is how most of my clients started and today they feel very comfortable to be part of a class.

If you have any question please contact me on

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