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Pilates with Naama in Orpington, Kent  

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If you suffer with a bad back, bad neck, bad knees, bad hips or bad shoulder or even a bad migraine then this service could be useful for you. 

This is a non-invasive solution that does not involved exercises or endless visits to your physio, chiropractor or osteopath or being referred to a pain clinic by your doctor and being given harsh pain killers that often cause damage to your digestive system and their effect lasts for few hours only. 
This is a pain killer which comes in the form of a patch and looks like a plaster. Nothing from the patch will go through the skin so even if you suffer with a high level of sensitivity or  allergies you will be OK with the patch or you could place it on your clothes. 

The patch works with your own body heat and activates your natural anti -inflammatory processes which will give you instant relief. It is like acupuncture in a patch.  When we have inflammation the area is red inside even if you don`at see it red on the outside, The patch will take the redness/swelling/pain away very quickly.  See these thermal images below:

Thermal image inflammation.JPG

What is inside the patch:
Amino Acids
Special sugar 
Patented technology which cannot be bought elsewhere 


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This is NOT a new technology - these patches been around for more than 10  years with many clinical studies and patents behind them.
If you want to read a full study of Osteoarthritis and the patch effect click here.  You can click on this link  and see all the patents certificates and lots of clinical studies information. 


How does it work?
Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light. The patch traps this infrared light and reflects particular wavelengths of light. This process stimulates specific points on the skin and activates the healing process. 
Pain is caused by a change in tissue conductivity and the patch improves this and uses your body energy flow which enables the body to start the process of healing and repair.
The patch will reduce inflammation like no drug, chemical, tablet, etc can do.

It works with your body and not against it. 

Once you enjoy the power of this patch - you can order a few patches from me so you can use them in any event of pain including headache, migraines, dental pain, etc. 

Its a must have in your first aid kit. 

If you would like to try the "miracle" patch and enjoy being pain free you can book a "No More Pain" session with me using the booking link below.  If you suffer from a chronic and systemic pain get in touch with me for further advice. 

  • 30 min

    40 British pounds

If you suffer with chronic pain in multiple places such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or any form of neuropathy. 
Come and try this product as describe. Contact me BEFORE booking your appointment and state you suffer with all over chronic pain. 

This man was left with 10% of his brain function and was unable to be independent and couldnt even converse. 
He invested appx £130 a month for few month and got his life back. 
Its Priceless!

A Testimonial of a woman who has Parkinson and how  she reclaimed her health using the x39 stem cells activation patch.