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Many of us have a very interrupted sleep pattern - some of us fall asleep quickly but wake up by 2 am and cant sleep for hours then fall asleep again at 7 am just when it is time to start the day then feel lousy for the rest of the day. Others cant fall asleep before 2 am etc - as we age we sleep less but it is then when we need the sleep the most as our body needs to heal and repair while we are asleep so it is very important to reset our internal clock and reinforce a new sleep pattern which will let us have at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep and also will allow us to go into deep sleep for healing and repair. 
If you know anyone who works in shifts then it is paramount that they will get the sleep they need in the allocated time. 

You will place the patch on and within minutes your body and brain will relax and you will fall asleep - like magic.