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Nirvana is a name associated with a state of happiness. What happens in the brain and body when we experience happiness? How is the biochemistry of the body changing, what types of hormones are being released.

The Nirvana Mood Enhancer System prompts the body to elevate its own level of endorphins from the pituatary gland and the nerves throughout the body to enhance a feeling of happiness.

The Nirvana Mood Enhancer System has two components working synergistically:

A proprietary natural, oral supplement

A proprietary patch technology

The Nirvana patch is a nanotechnology product which contains a patent pending blend made of:

  • Amino acids, stereoisomers

  • Sugars

  • Water

  • Oxygen

  • Organics applied to a polyester substrate and sealed inside a polymer shell

  • All active ingredients in the patches are listed under FDA regulations and are recognized as safe.