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Lifewave patches have been around for more than  years and they have many independent studies and research behind them.  They use the healing method called  Phototherapy?  The science of phototherapy has been around for about 100 years it uses light to improve the health of the body.  It is easier for us to accept the power of various laser and infrared treatments but we found it hard to grasp the method of phototherapy. 

2000 years ago the Greeks were studying the effects of  different coloured lights on the body. The Egyptians focused on sunlight through coloured glass and its effect on the organs. Our body release heat in the form of infrared light - the patches designed to trap this infrared light as soon as they are placed on the body.  They then reflect a certain wavelength of light . This process stimulates the nerves on the surface of the skin and that is when the healing and repair process start.  (There are more than 130 independent studies behind these patches - here is one example: 

Lifewave Patches are like acupuncture in a patch but much cheaper.... 
You can save a lot of money on visits to physios, osteopaths, chiropractors, pain killers, alternative treatments, naturopath, private tests and more 

There are different patches for different results below are the MUST Have patches:

The best way to order these patches is to open an account as a Preferred Customer - you then get to buy the patches in wholesales prices. For that you need to pay $19.95 one off payment and chose it as a monthly subscription. You can update your subscription and delete it at any time. You also get 90 days money back guarantee so once you are on these patches you will want to order these once a month to keep you young and healthy. 
You can always change or cancel your subscription but you will get your $19.99 investment back with your first order anyway..... watch this video for more details how to do it 


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• Fast and effective pain relief
* No risk to become addicted to it
* Easy to use 
* Free of chemicals and drugs 
* No drugs
* Suitable for all levels of pain

Best used for a localise pain: knees, back, hip. neck etc 

Read full report on this amazing MUST have patch. 


* Stimulate a good night sleep
* You will feel like you had a good night sleep
* You will feel rested
* You will feel more energetic
* Studies showed that it can increase the lengthy of your sleep in 66% 
* No drugs and no addiction. 

See a Full Report of the benefits of this patch click on this link

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• Enhances mood
• Sustained results
• Will give you an emotional boost when you need it.
* This product includes a natural seaweed extract that supports healthy endorphin production which will enhance your mood. Nirvana Patch The Nirvana patch is a patented technology that enhances your mood and prolong sense of happiness and wellbeing.
* Comes with special supplement for maximum effect but can be used as a patch only. 

Mainly used by animals - horses, dogs and cats. 
You can place it on the fur (not directly on the skin) and the effect will last appx 3 days. 

• Safe and natural pain relief
• Reduces inflammation
• Can be used for whole body or local pain
• Fast results • Convenient and easy to use

Read reviews on the lifewave website but you can find a lot more on youtube.  The patch is used mainly on horses but in the last few years they have started to use it on cats and dogs with great success. 
I use it on my Duffy... 

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X39 The Miracle Patch 

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